About The Bonnie Potter

My name is Bonnie Scoggins. I spent the my early childhood in north Georgia's countryside before moving to Boise, Idaho in 1991. It was in Boise that I discovered a love of clay through the Parks & Recreation system. I took classes there from 1991-1999 then I moved to the Chattanooga area. In Boise I was given the freedom to really explore what clay was and what it could become. I made the transition to a full time artist in 2011. My current work revolves around imprints from my great-grandmother's handmade doilies that I inherited in 2012. I see my imprints as a way to honor the artistry that goes into crocheting doilies. My process does not harm the doilies and I have been privileged to use heirloom doilies from other families to make meaningful pieces for their families to enjoy.